What Makes our SEO Training Different?

Ross Teach at a Workshop1. Our classes are limited to 10 students, so you can be sure you’ll get the attention you need.

2. All of our SEO methods have been tested by our instructors in the real world.

3. You’ll leave knowing exactly how to apply everything you’ve learned to your specific situation.

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Why You Still Need to Pay Attention to Search

“What is not in doubt in this pathway is a consumer’s starting point. In nearly 60%of all consumer journeys that end in purchase, the starting point is a search.”

GroupM Research Paper, February 2011

Where you rank in Google’s search results can make or break your business. No wonder SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is still such a hot topic in Marketing. And no wonder SEO is so full of shoddy and shady practices.



How You Can Optimize for Search Effectively

Search Engine Academy training will help you cut through the rumor and myth and focus your energies on proven strategies that are current with the latest SEO success strategies. What’s the ROI for your company? Here is a partial list of benefits you will enjoy from attending one of our personalized workshops:

  • Waste less time: instead of spending your precious time and energy on every unproven SEO strategy, only spend your time on what has been proven to work.
  • Discover how to create quality Search Engine Optimized pages that will retain their effectiveness through all the Google updates
  • Waste less calendar time creating pages, waiting for results, tweaking, changing, guessing: get it right the first time
  • Gain a competitive advantage: See windows of search engine opportunity that your competition has missed
  • Know how to apply and improve your skills even after the workshop is over: Every attendee who enrolls in either our Advanced or Master program is eligible for 6 months of mentoring by the instructor (details of our SEO mentoring program here)
  • Save advertising dollars: Get better natural search engine placement and spend less on paid search engine advertising
  • Enjoy greater confidence in the world of SEO: Search Engine Academy has been successfully testing our techniques in the real world of search for many years.
  • Experience rapid learning to take your SEO skills to the next level quickly: our small class size and personalized attention will help you get the most important information rapidly
  • Improve your bottom line results: Understand how to target the right audience for your product or service
  • Understand your competition better: we’ll show you how to determine why your competition is performing well in search engine results
  • Understand what’s being taught: We leave the technical jargon out and explain everything in plain business English.
  • Experience what it’s like to learn from someone who understands business priorities: Our lead instructor has 3 decades of experience in small business management and has been optimizing websites for search engine results since 2002. We pride ourselves on connecting with your business priorities, not just our own technical agenda