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I Wish I Had Made this Infographic

by bobbybernethy.

Is There a Perfect Blog Post?

Recently put up an interesting infographic with the title “What Makes a Perfect Blog Post?” (see below).

Now, I have no illusions that James Parsons, the creator of the blog post and a savvy blogger in his own right, really believes that there is an entirely “perfect” blog post, but the statistics in the infographic are interesting.  More interesting is the commentary provided below the infographic (click on the infographic to read the post).  If you read through them it’s striking that there are some vast dissimilarities between the high ranking studies included.  Check it out… Continue reading

Hey Google, What’s Wrong with Artificial?

And Do You Really Want a Truly Natural Search World?  Really?

Before I begin ranting (I really don’t see how I can avoid at least a bit of ranting), let’s start with a fun exercise with search syntax.

Ready?  Here we go….

Paste the following snippet into your Google Search bar:

intext:”matt cutts” intext:artificial|unnatural -intelligence

It should look like this after you do the search

Now, click on “Search tools” and select Any time > Past year


What you’re seeing is the number of pages that have “Matt Cutts” in the text of the content, which also… Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Search Academy Introduces its First Online Course

Real World SEO Essentials

We maintain that for some folks the ultimate educational experience is one-on-one, which is why we’ve always had an emphasis on workshop-based SEO instruction.  In a workshop setting students are immersed in the material and can interact with the instructor, something that online instruction has yet to entirely replicate.

At the same time travel and work schedules make workshops difficult to attend.  So it’s obvious why online instruction is so attractive to people wanting to learn, well, just about anything.

And then of course there is always a wealth of YouTube video tutorials… Continue reading

Google’s Turnabout on Fighting Child Pornography

In case you weren’t aware, Google (Bing also) has not been exactly cooperative in the fight against child pornographers. Their do-no-evil policy apparently doesn’t apply to facilitating the development of perverts.

Finally they’ve announced that they will start blocking searches and images that they can identify as falling into the child pornography category.

I’ve reached my saturation point with Google’s hypocrisy, so I wrote my thoughts on Google+. Feel free to read and comment.

I thought I’d share this post I just did on Google+ about

Google’s Angry Apostates and the Expensive New World of Internet Marketing

The World of SEO is angry.

The URL says it all:

A lot of people have shared the above link to a post by New Zealand SEO veteran Ben Kemp, who openly contemplates a “forced” retirement. Along with the post it’s fascinating, and a bit overwhelming to read all of the comments attached to it, which are resoundingly anti-Google.  All of this forms an important part of the SEO/SEM conversation right now. I would say that the author’s basic conclusion, that Google has made traditional SEO almost impossible, may be an over-statement, but certainly it resonates with… Continue reading

SEO Guarantees – If Someone Offers You One for Rankings, Be Very Skeptical

Is Google Anyone’s Trained Monkey?

This is something of a companion post to the article I just published on the Horizon Web Marketing blog.

The subject of that post was whether or not any SEO professional could legitimately offer a guarantee of a number 1 listing.

I made the case that they could.  Provided of course that they guaranteed the ranking for a unique, and typically worthless, keyword phrase that nobody in their right mind would search for.

Another Way to Fulfill the SEO Guarantee: Buy an Ad

Of course there are other ways that scummy organizations (and… Continue reading

Google Keyword Tool Confusion

Planner?  Tool?  And what happened to Match Volume?  Is the current state of Google Keyword Research confusing you?

I’m noticing a fair amount of confusion among many of my students and clients who are casual Google Keyword Tool users about the latest shift in Google’s available options.  Here’s a cheat sheet on where things seem to stand right now (at least for my Adwords account; with Google you never can tell).

Most people who follow SEO and PPC even casually know by now that Google has announced it will be getting rid of the keyword tool… Continue reading

The Good, the Bad, and the SEO Ugly

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good from the bad from the ugly.   In case you forget, Clint Eastwood was the good guy (never mind the black hat)

Our marketing director Matt Rutherford recently started a discussion on LinkedIn titled Have you been scammed by an SEO Firm or Company? (click here to link through to the discussion on Linkedin)

A lot of good comments were posted, and the whole discussion reminded me of an email that one of my clients actually received some time ago soliciting them for SEO services.  Here is the actual… Continue reading