Real World SEO: Essentials – Online Udemy Course

 Learn the Real World of SEO Today!

real-world-seo-imageIf you’ve been spending time online researching SEO and feel overwhelmed, this course is for you. It is designed to penetrate theory and hone in on practice. It was created for busy business and marketing people who need to know the most important things to do right now to improve the performance of their website in search engine results. It includes references to external resources, an SEO vocabulary list, and, most importantly, a template & SEO Journal of the kind that we use in organizing in-house SEO projects. Click the image to the left to visit the Real World SEO Course page on UDEMY and start your training today!






The course is divided into 9 sections: rwseo-on-udemy

  1.  Introduction and Overview
  2.  Search Engine Fundamentals
  3.  Evaluating Your Website
  4.  Make it Search Engine Friendly
  5.  Keyword Research
  6.  Relevancy, Content, and Panda
  7.  Authority, Links, and Penguin
  8.  Optimizing for Conversion
  9.  SEO Project Workflow


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