Facebook has just rolled out a new feature called promoted posts. Looks like they’re feeling the pressure to perform (Revenue Speaking) in the aftermath of their recent nightmare IPO.

Promoted posts are exactly what they sound like. You post an update and simply pay to promote the status to fans of your page and their friends. People will see your post as a sponsored story in their news feed on desktop and mobile. When someone interacts with the post, their friends will see the post as well.

For complete details go to Facebook Promoted Posts and take a look at their guide. You might also want to check out this article on Search Engine Watch titled “4 Critical Things To Know About Facebook Promoted Posts“. It might save you some headaches.

At this point I don’t want to suggest or discourage the use of promoted posts, given the fact that I haven’t used them yet myself. If users react the way they have with every other form of Facebook Advertising, we can expect very low click through rates, but we’ll see if putting them at the forefront (In the news feed) will merit some more clicks and… possibly… maybe sales??? Facebook sure better hope so.