How are you all adjusting to Google’s “Search Plus Your World” personalization? If you don’t know what that is I suggest you read our post on Google Search Personalization. This is a big deal. It’s changing search drastically, and for that reason, Google+ could now be the key to your online success.

Google is now displaying results based on many, many, many, different factors. It’s not just a matter of links and on page factors anymore. They’re taking into account how many +1’s a page has, they’re looking at the information about the author using their authorship verification, they’re displaying different results to different people based on location, G+ circles etc. etc. etc.

Search Engine Optimization is becoming more complex, and Google+ is being pushed to the forefront of this drastically changing industry. One might speculate that Google wants to compete with Facebook and is using it’s authority in search to propel them forward in this area. My personal belief is that they simply want to keep their strangle hold on the search engine market and are looking for new innovative ways to better their results.

In my opinion, Google Plus Your World is one of the most brilliant developments I’ve seen in a long time. Rather than fighting it, see it as an opportunity to sneak through a door that many others might be overlooking. There are tons of great online resources so take some time to research and become an expert on this powerful tool. An acquaintance of mine shared this document with me where he compiled a list of articles on getting the most out of Google+. It’s worth checking out.

Thanks for reading and check back soon for new articles and updates on this topic and many more.