Link to article by Shmulik Weller: originally published on August 3, 2010.

Target reader: SEO professionals

Main Takeaways:

  • Video is now a necessary part of SEO
  • Explore automation to create video from existing content
  • Use video sitemaps
  • Embed video on pages with sef video url’s, syndication

Key Quote:

Three factors drive the ability to achieve a higher SEO ranking using video: video markup, video sitemaps and syndication. A company can accomplish in-page video markup within each page that contains video by using proper context for the video, such as having a descriptive title, proper choice of keywords, links to related material, search engine friendly video URLs and including text transcripts of the video. It is also important to have the video embedded as part of the page itself. The use of popups, tricky JavaScript or frames to present the video can take away some of the video SEO momentum. However, adding as much metadata about the video as possible, such as its dimension, duration etc. can also help score SEO points.

Fact gallery

Fact Source
68 percent of the top 50 retailers were using videos in 2009 vs. 18 percent in 2009 eMarketer
40 percent of users who search Google see video options in their results
80 percent of online users view an entire video, and 25 percent click to purchase products, which drives an overall revenue lift of 10 to 15 percent. Author’s customer feedback
Every minute 15 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube