Link to article by Nichola Stott originally published October 19th, 2012.

Target Audience: Business Marketing Professionals who Hire an Outside SEO Firm

Main Takeaways

  • Even SEO agencies that can produce short term results need to be monitored to make sure they don’t cause long term problems
  • Bare minimum: the SEO guys should communicate in plain English and be forthright about what they’re doing
  • Link building is the area that needs to be scrutinized most, and the SEO firm needs to be transparent, showing where they are getting links and giving samples

Key Quote

“…if your SEO agency is using poor quality tactics that contravene a search engines’ guidelines, then your business presence in the search engine index is at risk.”


Ms. Stott gets a good start on an important subject, namely assessing the quality of work that an SEO firm performs.  However the article seems to leave off without addressing issues such as technical problems, the threat of duplicate content, inability to provide accountability, and perhaps most importantly, what to do if you suspect that your agency is not doing any good.  I’d give it 2.5 stars.