Google Data Highlighter

The Google Data Highlighter makes it easy to show rich snippets for your events.

If you read any of Ross’s recent articles on structured data, you can’t miss what I’m about to show you. My guess is, if you’re not a complete geek, you were a bit intimidated by the idea of implementing structured data on your website. Heck, I do this stuff for a job and some of it still intimidates me (a lot of it in fact). Well, Google to the rescue!

Not too long ago (late last year), I found out about a new tool Google added to their GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) dashboard. The tool is called the Google Data Highlighter, and is an amazingly simple way to make sure Google is seeing the structured data on your site, without you using any special structured markup. How cool is that?

Now, the tool is limited to event pages for now, which means you can’t use it to show things like product ratings (at least not yet), but it’s enough to allow you to get your feet wet. We’ll be keeping a close eye on what Google says about it’s plans for the tool in the future. For now, watch the video below to get started!

You can check out the tool by going to the Optimization>Data Highlighter tab in your GWT dashboard. And please come back to this post and share your thoughts about the tool in the comments section below!